Bye-bye Galvatron

A few weeks ago, Japan saw the release of the ‘Challenge at Cybertron’ 3 pack featuring G1-inspired decos on Transformers Universe Hot Rod, Cyclonus and Galvatron.  The internet was abuzz with speculation as to the potential for US distribution of this set, but now the speculating can end.  The “Battle in Space” set is due to hit in December.  This two-pack features Cyclonus and Hot Rod; the Galvatron from the set has been dropped for US release.  In my opinion, a good choice, as the Universe Galvatron is not a very good toy.  This two pack is priced around $24, so if you’re interested in picking this set up,  check your favorite online store for a preorder.  See a picture of the set after the jump.

Transformers Battle in Space Cyclonus vs Rodimus Set

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