Figure Spotlight: Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas

The latest game in the ‘toy to life’ category is Ubisoft’s ‘Starlink: Battle For Atlas’. This new game is a space adventure game with a physical toy component where you can put your favorite pilot in your favorite ship and arm it with your favorite weapons and then play that exact configuration in the game…and when that’s not working or you need to swtich it up, swap parts on the toy and the game updates. Ubisoft sent a copy of the game and some of the toys to the AwesomeToyBlog HQ, and, well since this is AwesomeToyBlog, let’s look at the toys.

Let me make this easy and quick. These toys are gorgeous. The starship packs each include a ship, a pilot and a signature weapon. I had the chance to check out the Lance (with pilot Hunter Hakka and the Imploder weapon), the Neptune piloted by Judge with the weapon Levitator and the Nadir piloted by Shaid with the Nullifer weapon. One of my favorite things about all of these is that when you put the pilot in the ship – they appear in the cockpit…each vehicle has a clear canopy so the pilot can be seen – it’s an awesome touch to have the pilot actually in the vehicle. The weapons slide right onto the ships and each ship has two weapon ports. 

The ships are about 6″-7″ long and the same wide with a few inches of height, they’re a nice size as the ships each has a fair amount of sculpted detail, but they’re also not too big to easily store. What really stands out on the ships is the paint…these ships are painted perfectly. All paint apps are clean and crips and through the use of great techniquest, ships like the Neptune look weathered. This makes the ships seem like a very real part of a universe.

 The pilot figures, which pop up into the ship’s cockpits stand about 1.5″ tall and feature a dynamic sculpt and impressive level of deco. With no points of articulation, I’d liken them to a gaming miniature – but one that’s painted way better than I could paint one. Each of the pilot figures is looks quite different from the other and, based on the bios on the card back, each has abilities that are unique and that will be reflected in the game play.

Which, of course will get us to the second part of the spotlight – the game itself! I’m hoping to crack it open and give it a go over the weekend, but it’s clear that these are some of the best toys made for the ‘toys to life’ space. Be sure to check out Ubisoft’s ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ available now.



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