Figure Spotlight: Hasbro’s SDCC Marvel Legends ‘Defenders Rail Authority’ Set

SDCC was a few weeks ago but for fans of Hasbro’s properties who weren’t at the show, their chance to pick up some SDCC exclusives is right around the corner. On August 13th, HasbroToyShop is set to have their online sale and I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the exclusives I picked up at the show and a few that Hasbro sent over. Today we’re starting with the huge Marvel Legends ‘Defenders Rail Authority’ 5-pack, featuring all your favorite heroes from the Netflix Defenders series.

In the box, this set is impressive. The package features a subway car outer sleeve, which slides away to reveal the heroes seated in the car. A super-realistic metallic-printed subway car, at that. Printing on clear plastic gives the look of the hand rails The package designer clearly had a ball with this as there’s a ton of details on ‘easter eggs’ in the graphics. From the DTA ticket stub on the ground (looking just like a New York MTA subway pass) to the schwarma place flyer and newspaper referencing the attack on New York, there’s just a ton of detail in the packaging and a ton to check out. This isn’t a box just to rip open and toss. The figures are also perfectly arranged on the subway benches, displaying a ton of personality…Jessica Jones with her legs across a few seats is just about perfect. One thing to note – this box is BIG, two feet big. This set looks great in package and it would be perfect to display that way…but you’ll need the space.

In 2018, I’m not sure how much detail needs to go into a Marvel Legends figure review – in my opinion these  are the best mass market comic figures available. I won’t get into the details of the sculpt (it’s great), the articulation (also great) or the deco (still great). One thing I will specifically touch on is the quality of the face deco – the face printing technology really shines on the TV and movie figures, the likenesses are uncanny. You can see them all in the gallery below. New to this SDCC set are Luke Cage (though a 2-pack is coming soon with a yellow shirt), Colleen Wing and Danny Rand. Both Jessica Jones and Daredevil were part of the netflix wave, but Jessica’s got a new coatless look and the unmasked Daredevil head is brand new. I didn’t photograph all the accessories included, but Daredevil’s billy clubs come out of the holster and a 2nd, masked Daredevil head is included. 


The Defenders Transit Authority set will be available as part of HasbroToyShop’s SDCC sale and includes five essential figures from the Netflix TV universe. Fans of the Marvel Legends and the Netflix series will want to be sure to pick these up when they go on sale later next week. Many, many thanks to Hasbro for providing this set for review.


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