SDCC 2018 – Jakks Pacific Panel

Jakks Pacific hosted a SDCC panel today, below are my notes from that panel on the various properties they support.

Harry Potter – Die cast wands are available now, scale replicas of wands, 12 are in the first wave. These are blind boxed because “the wand chooses the wizard”. 2nd wave planned for the fall.
Wizard Training wands – Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore and Voldemorts wand. 11 spells to learn with 5 modes of play. Wizard tag is a Harry Potter take on Laser Tag and works can work with larger groups.

Heavyweight championship belt is now available at Target. There’s also a 20″ Jon Cena that will be at Target, features ball joints at shoulders. Wrestling Buddies 2.0 will be at Ringside Collectibles – features new wrestlers in the classic Wrestler Buddy form factor.

DC Comics
Batman Evolution 20″ figure – fully articulated, with batarang accessory. Will be available at Target and Amazon. Will have an SRP of $40

Wave 2 on the way for both basic figures, Mini Supers, Junior Supers and Costumed Action figures and introducing the Incredibile RC.

Mega Man
8-bit 2packs will be at Gamestop and singles will be at Walgreens
a Mega Man 11 3-pack will be available at Gamestop.
Also look for plush and a 12″ deluxe electronic Mega Man. Playing with the figure results in authentic game sounds and music. When figure falls – it plays the sound corresponding to dying.

Mega Man Fully Charged show premiers on August 5th. 10 episodes will be on the Cartoon Network app on 8/3.

World Of Nintendo
Wave 2 of Nintendo Squish toys on the way.
Gamestop will offer exclusive Wind-up toys.
Next two waves of 2.5 and 4″ figurs shared.
A number of exclusives are slated for Gamestop, Walgreens and other outlets.

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