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During the Hasbro Entertainment panels today, a good number of new Marvel Legend items where shown.  Read on for details of upcoming waves and buld a figures and stay tuned for photos from the showroom floor.

12″ Legends – Black Panther (on shelves now) and Classic Wolverine
6″ Ultimate Riders – Black Widow and Motorcycle, Ghost Rider w/ Bike, Wolverine on chopper

Upcoming Spider-Man Wave: House of M Spidey, Scarlet Spider, Doc Ock, Cloak & Dagger, Daredevil, Elektra- SPDR as the BAF

Upcoming Avengers Wave: Black Knight, Classic Maleketh, Ant-Man (movie) , Wasp (movie),

Apocalyspe BAF wave – New reveals of Magneto (extra hands / head), Sabertooth

Venom Wave – Venom, Carnage, Scream, Poison, Spider-Ham

Deadpool Wave 2- Deadpool Nerf blaster, Omega Red, X-Men uniform Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Bishop, Pantsless Deadpool

More 4″ game inspired figures on the way

Premium role play helmet for Black Panther and Infinituy Guantley on the way. The Gauntlet features screen accurate sounds.


2018 Target 2-pack – Black Panther — Ross figure and Killmonger
Ant-Man and Stinger 2 pack
X-Men Days of Future Past – Wolverine and Sentinal
Walgreens – Thing confirmed
Silver Surfer will be a Walgreens exclusive


10 years of Marvel Studios
10 special items: Walmart Iron Man 1 2-pack (Tony Stark + Iron Man Mk1)
Avengers – Iron Man Mk 7
Iron Man 3 – 3pack TRU Exclusive – Hot Rod Armor, Pepper Potts, Mandarin
Guardians of the Galaxy – Ronan (EE, BBTS, Gamestop)
Avengers AOU – Target 2-pack for Updated Hulkbuster + Hulk
Civil War – Cross Bones + Captain America

Deadpool Wave 2 BAF is Sauron

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