Yo-kai Watch Toy Range Relased In The UK

yokaiwatch logoVIZ Media announces the release of the Yo-kai Watch toy line from Hasbro Inc, completing the cross-platform Yo-kai Watch experience that also includes the top-rated TV show on The Cartoon Network, the Yo-kai Watch video game for Nintendo 3DS and multiple other merchandising relationships.

The innovative toy line from Hasbro Inc. includes the Yo-kai Watch and medals (watch sold with 2 exclusive medals, watch and additional medals each sold separately) that allows fans to summon Yo-kai characters. Insert one of the collectible medals displaying a Yo-kai into the watch to hear the character’s name, tribe song, and more sounds, and then complete your Yo-kai Watch experience by pairing the toy line with the Yo-kai Watch video game for Nintendo 3DS, unlocking further Yo-kai to interactive with.

“With the release of the Hasbro Inc. Yo-kai Watch toy line, UK fans of the brand can now experience the full breadth of the Yo-kai Watch phenomenon,” said Pascal Bonnet, Executive Director, Films/TV Sales & Licensing, EMEA. “Not only is the Hasbro Inc. toy range a superb play prospect in its own right, but when paired with theYo-kai Watch video game for Nintendo 3DS, the brand truly burst into life”.

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