Botcon Weekend Update – Robots in Disguise & More

transformersIt’s Botcon weekend and there’s a ton of new pictures and news to share. I’ve already posted the new Titan Wars and Combiner Wars details, but of course there’s Robots in Disguise and more to review.

So here’s the news:

  • Alt-Modes are an all new expression (which were previewed in the winter) for favorite Transformers characters. Feature and oversized head, pulling the tab on the toy quick Transformers the vehicle into the character’s body. These will be available in blind boxes.
  • An all new mobile game is coming soon “Transformers Earth Wars”. The app is a combat city builder game and features some official voice actors of the shows. You can pre-register for the app now at
  • The ‘Transformers Roll Out’ album is coming soon.  You can see more details here.
  • In Robots in Disguise – look for more Decepticon toys on the way.
  • Weaponizer Minicons Revealed: Windstrike, Sawtooth, Lancelon, Dragonus
  • New Warrior Class: Autobot Ratchet, Scatterspike and Bisk

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