Spy Monkey Creations Introduces ‘Battle Tribes: Weapons & Warriors’

spymonkey tnSpy Monkey Creations Inc, creators of the Weaponeers of Monkaa, are proud to unveil their new brand, Battle Tribes: Weapons & Warriors. Battle Tribes is a new 2.5” action figure line compatible with Onell Design’s innovative Glyos System of interchangeable articulation.

“I wanted to take Spy Monkey in a new direction with our new brand. So I tried to imagine what kind of action figure line I would have wanted as a kid growing up in the early 1980’s,” explains Spy Monkey Inc President Jeremy Sung. “The result was Battle Tribes, a series inspired by the sword and sorcery fantasy adventure genre combined with the pocket-sized fun and interchangeability of the Glyos System. If all goes according to plan, this first wave will be the beginning of a whole world of Battle Tribes products.”

The debut assortment of Battle Tribes includes 4 action figure & accessory sets with deluxe paint apps. Each figure has 10 points of interchangeable articulation and includes removable armor, 3 weapons, shield and 5 bonus heads, a total of 21 Glyos compatible parts, allowing consumers to build their own tribes and create their own adventures!

Characters in wave 1 include:

Savage Adventurer – Fearless barbarian hero. US$15.00
Nomadic Orc – Bestial green-skinned wanderer. US$15.00
Cyclops Ice Raider – Mysterious marauder with the power of ice. US$15.00
Crimson Spikesaurian – Powerful primeval dino warrior. US$15.00

Unpainted solid color Tribe Builder DIY sets will also be available

Tribe Builder Pale Flesh US$10.00
Tribe Builder Orcskin Green US$10.00
Tribe Builder Ice Blue US$10.00
Tribe Builder Crimson US$10.00
Battle Tribes: Weapons & Warriors Wave 1 will go on sale at 6:00pm PST, Friday April 8th, 2016 in the Spy Monkey Creations Webstore. Visit Spy Monkey Creations Inc on Facebook to keep up with all the latest Battle Tribes news and announcements!

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