Phoenix Comicon Gets Zany To the Max with the Cast of Animaniacs

phxcc16Phoenix Comicon is gaining access to the upper echelon of voice acting with guests Maurice LaMarche, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Tress MacNeille! Known together as the cast of the Animaniacs, they individually paint a broad stroke across several genres of animation.

In addition to voicing “The Brain”, Maurice LaMarche won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in Matt Groening’s “Futurama”, where he plays more than seventy regular, frequently-recurring, and one-off characters, including “Morbo, The Newscaster”, “Calculon”, “The Donbot”, “Clamps”, “Hedonismbot”, and, Zapp Brannigan’s long-suffering First Officer, “Kif Kroker”.

When Tress MacNeille wasn’t providing the voice of “Dot”, she was known for providing the voices of “Daisy Duck”, “Chip”, “Wilma Flintstone”, “Mom”, and “Agnes Skinner”!

It is well known that Rob Paulsen provided the voice behind “Pinky” and “Yakko Warner” but did you know that he was also the voices of “Raphael” and “Donatello” from the 1987/2012 cartoon versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Last but not least, Jess Harnell cemented his legacy with Wakko Warner but has also appeared on practically every animated series on TV from “The Simpsons” to “Fairly Odd Parents” to “Phineas & Ferb”.

Tying all of these voice talents together is Emmy/Peabody/Annie Award-winning script and song writer, Randy Rogel. Randy was responsible for a large number of the scripts and music on the Animaniacs but has provided the same level of excellence to “Batman: The Animated Series”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “101 Dalmatians 2”, and several others!

Already the signature comic book event of the southwest, Phoenix Comicon 2016 will be one that every animation fan remembers for the rest of their lives!

A Full Event badge is good for all four days of the convention, June 2-5, 2016. Pricing for the Full Event badge goes up the closer we get to the event. Quantities of Full Event badges are limited.

Full event passes are on sale for $60 until April 30th, with Sidekick badges (kids 3-12 years of age) available for only $5 through the event!

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