Toy Fair – JAKKS Pacific – Big Figs, Warcraft and more

tf2016JAKKS Pacific hosted the collector’s sites this morning, showing off their latest in upcoming Big Figs, Warcraft and more. World of Nintendo product was on display in the booth – but only up to the latest retail wave – but worry not…the line is doing great and is continuing.

Of the new Big Figs on display the new BB-8 was amazing. In addition to being a great size and having a stand built in, this toy features lights, sounds and a pop-out “thumbs up” lighter. A fantastic looking toy. Other Star Wars big figs on display included Rey and a C-3PO with enhanced arm and neck articulation.

Also new for Big Figs are new deluxe ones with action features. A Batman and Darth Vader were on display – when you squeezed Batman’s legs, his cape springs open and he raises his weaponed arm and Vader swings his saber.

Other Big Figs of note is the Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman figure, featuring one of the best Wonder Woman headsculpts of all the mainstream retail products. And, of course, a 31″ Megazord would look amazing in any Power Ranger fan’s room – young or old.

Check the pictures out below or these and other new products from the JAKKS Pacific booth at Toy Fair!

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