Toy Fair 2016 – Hasbro’s Marvel Lines

tf2016This afternoon, Hasbro hosted the fan media for their annual Toy Fair event featuring presentations from each of the major brands. The Marvel presentation had a ton of new information, particularly for fans of the Legends toy line.

  • The cartoon based Ultimate Spider-Man line has a Sinister 6 theme this year, highlighted were two place sets – Web City Showdown and Rhino Rampage Playset – all in the 6″ scale.
  • In the Titan Electric Heroes – Falcon joins the gang – Iron Man, Cap, War Machine rounds out the assortment.
  • In the Cap Civil War Role Play set- both Cap and Iron Man role play has new NERF aspects, keeping the toys updated and fresh. Fans of the role play toys can look for exclusives. Kohl’s – Cap set, TRU at Black Panther with claws and mask
  • Super Hero Mashers Micro – a new smaller scale of Mashers are being introduced, while maintaining compatibility with the 6″ figures. Vehicles are now part of the line.
  • Marvel Legends – Hasbro has shipped 8M pieces since 2007, over 200 unique characters, 25 BAFs
  • Legends is now the entire collector’s brand
  • 3 3/4″: Wave 2 – Vision, Gamora, Armored Spider-Man, Living Laser, Rage
  • Wave 3- Rogue, Hydro-Man, Morbius, Quasar
  • Comic 2 packs have been re-introduced: Wave 2 – Spidey, Scarlet Spider, Captain Marvel, Mar-vell, Hyperion and Marvel now Hyperion
  • Also coming in 3 3/4′ Movie based: Cap & Motorcylce and Falcon with Flight Tech and Redwing
  • Captain America 6″ Wave 2 – Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Nuke, Nick Fury, Red Guardian
  • Captain America 6″ Wave 3 – Secret War Captain America, Movie Scarlet Witch
  • Spider Man – 6″ Wave 2 – Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker, Hobgoblin, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, Silk
  • X-Men: Deadpool, Rogue, Cable, Phoenix, Havok, Kitty Pryde with Lockheed, Iceman – BAF will be a later revealed.
  • Dr. Strange Movie Wave: Iron Fist (green), Nico, Doramammu redeco, Movie strange
  • Walmart exclusives – Winter Soldier, Falcon
  • Target exclusives – War Machine, Iron Man Mk 27
  • TRU: Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Cap, Vision –> some 3 3/4″
  • Walgreens : Namor exclusive, Punisher
  • 12″ Legends: Iron Man, Captain America 30+ points of articulation also a Spider-Man
  • Also coming are premium adult cosplay / role play items – Premium Captain America shield. Iron Man helmet. – Available for pre-order now. These were among my favorite products shown and I will totally be getting a Cap shield.

Check out all the new toys below!

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