SDCC 2015: JAKKS Collector’s Panel

cc15 tnJAKKS is new to SDCC with their first Collector’s panel, with a focus on their ‘Big Figs’ and Collector’s Lines.

Three categories of ‘Big Figs’…20″, 31″ and 48″.

DC Comics:

20″ Classic Batman (2 version), Classic Superman, Classic Flash

31″ Classic Batman

20″ and 31″ Batman vs. Superman with Jan 1’16 shelf date.

20″ line: Superman, Batman, Armored Batman, Wonder Woman

31″: Superman and Batman

Star Wars

20″ Jedi Luke, Greedo, Boba Fett (ESB version), Bossk, Poncho Tattooine Luke, Tusken Raider

31″ Yoda (not 31″, but in scale), R2-D2.  Will also have a deluxe version with lights and sounds.

Power Rangers – 20″ and 31″ Red Ranger

TMNT – 48″ Leonardo

Minions – 20″ Minion

World of Nintendo

20″ Figures:  Fire Mario, Yoshi, Link (less deco than SDCC version),

4″ Figures: Princess, Fox, Goomba, Pink Yoshi, Toad, Falco, Flying Goomba, Link (cartoon), Skull Kid, Zelda, Cat Mario, Red Yoshi…and a sneak peak of Slippy Toad

2.5″ Figures – 8 bith figures: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Cat Luigi, Ganondorf, Captain Olimar, Samus, Goomba, Pirana Plant, Bullet Bill, Cat Toad, Villager, Tingle Brother, Tanooki Mario, Chain Chomp, Black Yoshi, Blue & Red Pikmin, Link, Cat Mario.

2.5″ figures will have gold chase variants at check lanes.

Warcraft: expect 2.5″ figures, 6″ collector series, 20″ figures, roleplay

Halo: 31″ Bif Figs Master Chief

3DIT: Character Creator.  This was on display at Toy Fair and looked very cool, lets you mold your own figure. Figures have a minimates-esque look to them. Licenses include TMNT, Marvel, DC

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