DKE Toys Offer Art Trooper: Warhol

cc15 tnDKE Toys continues announcing new SDCC exclusives with today’s announcement of the Art Trooper Series: Warhol by RYCA.

From UK artist RYAN CALLANAN aka RYCA. RYCA cast each one of these himself and hand painted the figures. Looks like a multiple color silk screened cardback. RYCA has been using Star Wars themes in his work for years, both in his art shows in the UK and most recently in Los Angeles at Copro Nason Gallery. But this is the first time he has made an edition for sale outside of one of his gallery shows. This is also the first in a series of artists in Trooper Garb. Other artists like Basquiat, Haring, and Picasso will follow. 3 ¾ inches tall.

The Art Trooper Series: Warhol has an edition size of 55 pieces and is priced at $55.

DKE CC15 ArtTrooper Warhol

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