What I Bought Today! G. I. Joe: Retaliation Night Viper

wibt tnI’m launching a new feature today, obviously titled ‘What I bought today!’.  Often I’ll buy new figures and have thoughts about them, but never get around to doing a full or proper review of them. ‘What I bought today!’ will give me a chance to share a quick snapshop or two as well as a couple of words with my thoughts. So here we go!

Item: Ninja Viper
Line: G. I. Joe: Retaliation
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Store: Toys R Us

Bio/Package Text: NIGHT VIPERS stalk their prey in the dead of the night. They specialize in nighttime fighting and blend into the shadows until it’s time to strike. They use high-tech night-vision optics to see clearly in no-light conditions, and they can hit their target even in total darkness.

Thoughts: I think the most shocking thing about this figure is that I bought it – in an actual store. The last new Joes I got came from HasbroToyShop – props to TRU for the post-holiday stock!

Like all modern Joes, the NIGHT VIPER is very well accessorized and includes a backpack, a sidebag (murse?) that holds a flashflight, two rifles, a shot gun, a knife, a hand gun and his night vision helmet. The NIGHT VIPER has a standard, well-articulated, body and he is wearing a harness which has a pocket for the hand gun…I think. It’s not a great fit, but it’s the closest.

The NIGHT VIPER features standard Joe articulation – so lots of it. The paint job looks great – even the logo on the wrinkled sleeve looks clean…that’s got to be tough to do.

Overall, the NIGHT VIPER is a great example of what Joe figures are doing now. A good looking, highly poseable figure with a ton of gear. For $10. The only thing that’s working against this figure is how hard it’s become to pick up new Joes. Check your local TRU or favorite online shop to grab these – they’re worth your money.




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