More G. I. Joe Love at SDCC as Hasbro Unveils Sgt. Slaughter Themed Kre-O Set

cc15 tnG. I. Joe might be absent from store shelves, but it is certainly getting it’s due at SDCC this year. Hasbro unveiled another exclusive today – a Kre-O set including Sarge and his Marauders, Destro and his Iron Grenadiers and Srg. Slaughter’s Triple T Tank. These sets are packaged in a manner that suggests a VHS box set. It’s an unexpected item in an awesome package – a perfect SDCC release.

To top it off, Sargeant Slaughter will be signing autographs in the Hasbro booth space on Saturday July 11th from 11AM – 12:30PM and between 3PM and 4:30PM.

You can pick this up at the HasbroToyShop booth at the show, or after the show. Yo Joe!

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