Icon Heroes Announces 2nd SDCC Exclusive Arrow / Flash Mug/Pen Holder

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Icon Heroes have announced their next SDCC exclusive, a mug pen holder featuring characters from the DC TV series Arrow and Flash. This item will be available at the Action Figure XPress booth at the show and is available for pre-order now. Keep reading for the official description from our pals at Icon Heroes.
Arrow and Flash TV Super Hero Fight Club Mug Pen Holder ($15)
It’s an epic battle for the fate of your desk! Made from high-quality ceramic, this handsome new pen holder comes with a sturdy handle and is decorated with a beautiful wrap around diorama featuring your favorite heroes and villains from the CW Arrow and Flash TV shared universe – Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Black Canary, Ras Al Ghul, Firestorm, Arsenal, and Reverse Flash!

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