G.I. Joe Comes to Blocksworld

GI Joe LogoLinden Lab®, best known as the creator of the virtual world Second Life®, and Hasbro, Inc., today announced that the iconic G.I. JOE brand will be coming to Blocksworld, the popular build-and-play game for iPad.

Blocksworld lets players of all ages create fun 3D games, interactive scenarios, unique memes, models, and more, using a huge variety of blocks and a simple but powerful visual programming system. Blocksworld builders share their playable worlds in a global community and earn coins redeemable in an in-app Shop as their creations are ‘liked’ by other players. Players have already more than 2.3 million worlds in the community, from great games to impressive interactive models, and there’s always something new to play with.


Through the relationship with Hasbro, six fun new G.I. JOE games will be available for all Blocksworld players. The games present an exciting new storyline in the conflict between G.I. JOE and COBRA that ends in a cliffhanger, andBlocksworld players will be challenged to create and share their own interactive endings to the narrative.


Additionally, new G.I. JOE building sets available for purchase in the in-app Shop will include everything Blocksworld players need to create classic G.I. JOE and COBRA characters like ROADBLOCK, COBRA COMMANDER, and DESTRO; awesome vehicles like the RATTLER, SKY HAWK, and WOLVERINE; unique weapons, and more. Guided step-by-step building games make it easy for players to make playable G.I. JOE content that they can then use in any worlds they create.


“Kids love playing and creating in Blocksworld,” said Michelle Vuckovich, Linden Lab’s Director of Product for Blocksworld. “While having fun creating anything they can imagine, they’re also learning to think like programmers, game designers, and engineers – something parents and teachers can appreciate. Blocksworld’s physics and programming system are great for lasers, explosions, and all kinds of vehicles, and G.I. JOE is a perfect fit for those capabilities and our players’ interests. Blocksworld players will love the exciting new G.I. JOE games, and we can’t wait to see the creations they share to complete the storyline.”


Previously, the relationship with Hasbro, Inc., enabled Linden Lab to add TRANSFORMERS and MY LITTLE PONY content to Blocksworld.

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