Funko’s Hikari Friday – Retro Metaluna Mutant and Bloody Terror Creature

hikari logo tnHikari Fridays are back on track! Last week, I was a bit busy with Toy Fair, so I totally missed it. Now that I’m back in the warmth of Phoenix, here’s the news on two new Hikari vinyls. Up first is a general release – the Retro Metaluna Mutant. Limited to 750 pieces, this should be available now from all your favorite Funko retailers (like Entertainment Earth).

The second Hikari announced this week is the Gemini Collectibles exclusive ‘Bloody Terror’ Creature. This vibrant red, purple and clear version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon is limited to 500 pieces and is available for preorder now.

As our Funko friends are wont to do – they’re giving these away on their social media channels. You can find them at originalFunko.  Good luck!

funko bloody terror creature Funko retro metaluna mutant


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