What You Won’t See From Hasbro At Toy Fair

hasbro-logoToy Fair isn’t too far off, and our pals at HunterPR have sent out a pre-emptive note clarifying a few items that won’t be at Toy Fair. First up will be toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, other Star Wars toys will be there, but nothing from the upcoming movie. That said, there’s still this leak from Rebelscum with the alleged solicitations for movie toys (Micro Machines back to life! 6″ scale starfighter!!) and I’m stoked for other reveals for the 6″ line.

G. I. Joe toys will also not be at Hasbro’s Toy Fair show room…but this isn’t totally bad news. 2014 saw a new brand manager appointed for the line and new product will be ready for debut at Joe Con in April.


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