What I Opened Today: Transformers Generations Arcee

transformersIn 1986, Transformers: The Movie introduced a whole new group of Autobots and Decepticons (while killing off many after school friends) to both the Transformers cartoon and toy shelves. One character was absent from those shelves – Arcee. In 2014, as part of the Transformers Generations toy line, Hasbro has finally released a G1 Arcee. While it’s tough to say if she was worth a 28 year wait, she’s a pretty fantastic toy.

Package Bio: ARCEE is one of the most dangerous AUTOBOTS, despite her comparatively small size. She believes the Decepticons must be stopped at all costs. That belief, combined with her combat training, makes her a pure warrior, a hunter who mixes speed and sudden action to strike DECEPTICON targets whenever she can.

Thoughts: 28 years is a long time, but if I’m going to have to wait that long for a toy, I hope it’s as good as this G1 Arcee toy is.


Arcee’s robot mode is the weaker of her two. Mind you, it’s 100% Arcee, but she carries a good chunk of her car mode on her back which makes her a less sleek as her animation model. Of course, I have no suggestions on how they could improve things, so I suppose she’s just got an oversized backpack now. Outside of that, she’s pretty much all around awesome. She features all the articulation we’ve come to expect from Generations Trasnsformers, a ton of weapons and a great headsculpt.

Arcee’s Cybertronian cruiser mode is nearly perfect. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an alien pink car. From the smooth lines to the stabilizing fin on top – this is Arcee.  Top notch work here, Hasbro! There’s really not much else to say!

Summary: In general, due to my dwindling free space, I’ve really been limiting my Transformers purchases to Masterpieces, but occasionally a figure like Arcee comes along that I just have to have. Fortunately she was well worth the exception and any G1 fan will have to pick her up!

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