eFX Captain America:The First Avenger prop replicas available, The Avengers replicas coming soon

The huge summer blockbuster movie The Avengers gets it’s home video release today and eFX is releasing the first of their collection of Marvel superhero collectibles. First up are three replica prints of  from Captain America: The First Avenger – each capturing the WWII aesthetic of them film. These prints are available for order today at efxcollectibles.com and are priced at just $20

From The Avengers come replicas of Agent Coulson’s Captain America trading cards. Each of these 10 cards come in two version, “near-mint” clean cards and the bloodied cards used by Colonel Fury. These cards will be available October 16th.

And finally, after drooling over the pictures for months, on Tuesday Oct. 9th preorders will open on the first eFX full-scaled screen-accurate Marvel prop replicas. On deck first are Thor’s helmet from the Thor feature film and Mjolnir as seen in The Avengers. These pieces were amazing, so I’m looking forward to all the details being revealed. Check out images of all these items in the gallery below.


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