AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 – Lego

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconTo kick off the latest edition of the AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide, we’re going to look at a few awesome Lego products that I know I’d love to see under the tree. This guide will feature items in three different price ranges, stocking stuffers (around $20 and below), gifts around $50 and below and finally those higher ticket gifts.

Stocking Stuffers

The obvious gift in this category would be a copy of this summer’s Lego movie. The movie was a huge hit, was fun to watch and could be watched over and over again. It’s likely you’ll find many opportunities to pick this up at a discount during the holiday shopping season. Lego’s Melting Room set, with an SRP of $12.99 makes a great companion set for the movie, and includes minifigs of both Emmet and Wyldstyle.

Other great Lego stocking stuffer ideas are any of the numerous small holiday sets available this year. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I picked up the Snowman set at Target for under $10. Other sets I saw were a Reindeer and a Christmas tree decorating set. These are the perfect size to top off a stocking.

Gifts Around $50

In this price range it’s hard to go wrong with any of the Lego videogames. Lego Batman 3 is the most recent and introduces enough new gameplay to keep it feeling fresh. If the person you’re buying for is more of a Marvel fan there’s also a Lego Marvel game that’s a ton of fun.

Older kids (and adults) may appreciate the Lego Architecture sets – they’re one of my favorite themes. Many of these sets run in the $20 to $50 range with the newest addition to the line being the Trevi Fountain ($49.99). Other favorites include Big Ben ($29.99) and the Leaning Tower of Pisa ($34.99)

Big Ticket Gifts

There’s nothing quite like having a big box under the tree, picking it up and hearing the telltale sound of over a thousand Legos. Lego’s Star Wars line is eternally popular and this year they’ve returned to one of Star Wars’ most popular vehicles, the AT-AT. With 1137 pieces, this $110 set is sure to please any Star Wars fan.

The Creator line of modular building are also amazing. These are a series of detailed buildings which all connect to create a city street. There are several of these available now with two of the more recent additions being the Parisian Restaurant and the Palace Cinema. If you’re looking to establish a Lego tradition – these are a great idea as there’s no signs this theme is stopping soon as 2015 is kicking off with the release of a Detective’s office. These sets typically have 2000+ pieces and a price tag around $150

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