Figure of the Day 50 – Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma

Series: Star Wars: The Power of the Force
Release Date: 1998
Comments:   Really?  For my 50th FoTD I choose Mon Mothma?  I should probably re-think these choices going forward.   Anyways, in 1998 Ms. Mothma was a big deal.  In 2008?  No, not so much.

I was being serious, in 1998 the release of a Mon Mothma was a big deal.  And, in fairness, the toy is a good representation of the character.  I mean, she stood in one scene and talked (this was before she was shown walking in Revenge of the Sith).  This is one example where screen accuracy does not result in a good toy.  She’s boring.  With one meaningful point of articulation (her head can turn), this figure isn’t fun.  But it’s nice to have, and if it hadn’t been released, fans would probably be demanding one.  So here she is.  Enjoy!

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