Some Teasers for October’s Loot Crate


Our pals over a Loot Crate have sent over a few details on October’s box of goodies. You can grab this Crate by signing up for the service by October 19th. Check out what they had to say:

Here’s the deal for October, thanks to our partnerships with Capcom, Syfy, and Image/Skybound:

Capcom’s contribution to the FEAR crate is a special, exclusive, and functional item that pays homage to “Dead Rising 3.” It’s something that has never existed before this crate!

Thanks to Syfy, we are bringing a cult favorite to Looters in a different way. No one can resist tornados full of sharks, right?

And last, but definitely not least, we worked with Image/Skybound to get an exclusive variant comic cover for the newest issue of “The Walking Dead.”

You can sign up for the service at, a single month’s box run just shy of $20.


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