New York Comic Con Exclusives from Geek Stuff

NYCC LogoOur pals over at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff have some awesome stuff up their sleeves for New York Comic Con including their own slate of exclusives. The show’s a great chance to meet the guys and pick up some cool stuff. They’ll be at booth #127 through the show. Their exclusives are:

  • Kris Dulfer’s GeekStuff Dead Vinyl Busts – $120 each
  • Kris Dulfer’s D4L3K, limited to just 10 pieces and priced at $50 this Doctor Who / Star Wars mash-up is translucent blue awesome.
  • Artist George Vega and colorist Brandi Dixon are offering two G. I. Joe / Transformers prints. Both at 11×17 and are priced at $20 each with one featuring Megatron and the Baroness and the other with Snake Eyes and Optimus Prime.
  • Doctor A is offering a 6″ x 8″ exclusive “Harry K. Nidd” print for $15. This robo-spider print has a limited run of 25 signed and numbered pieces.
  • From Rich Page of Ume Toys comes ‘Butt Plug’ a resin design limited to 10 pieces. Priced at $41, when this sells out it’s gone…stock is not being reserved for each day of the show.

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