What I Opened Today: Marvel Legends Nova

marvel_logoThis feature is usually ‘What I Bought Today’, but there’s a backup in the HQ of awesome toys I haven’t gotten around to opening. Since it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, let’s open some toys…starting with the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Nova.

Package Bio: The Nova Force grants Richard Rider immense power, but withouth the stabalizing presence of the Xandrian Worldmind it would also shatter his sanity.

Thoughts: With the refocus of the Marvel Legends line on the Marvel cinematic universe, a wave of figures came out to support this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova was included in this wave, despite not being in the movie. I don’t have any particular affinity for the character, but since he’s taken Groot’s arm ransom and is short-packed in the case, I picked him up when I had the chance.

I’m pleased to say that Nova, unlike the last figure I bought only for the build-a-figure piece (Red Skull), is a very good figure. Other than the build-a-figure part (more on that below) Nova does not include any accessories. The sculpt and articulation are just top-notch. You have all the points of articulation that you’ve become accustomed to, but something about Nova just makes him very heroic in his poses. Despite my relative indifference to the character, I find myself fiddling with and posing Nova more than I do most figures in my collection. Clearly he’s got something going for him.

The build-a-figure for the Guardians of the Galaxy wave is Groot and Nova comes with Groot’s right arm. I’m one leg and lower torso away from having a Groot of my own.

Summary: You’ll need Nova if you’re looking to complete Groot without resorting to eBay, fortunately he’s an A+ figure and you’ll be glad you have him.

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