“Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3” Available Now From Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

It’s classic animation at its best with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s (WBHE) Blu-ray™ release of Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3. Available now, the latest installment of WBHE’s Looney Tunes Platinum Collection showcases 50 all-time favorite cartoon shorts, which have been digitally remastered and restored for superior picture, and sound quality. Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3 retails for $44.98 SRP.

Let the good times roll! Some of the greatest Looney Tunes cartoons are released together for the first time on Blu-ray™. This collection showcases some of the best and most enduring theatrical shorts from the 1930s, ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, including works by some of the most renowned directors in animation history such as Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett, Robert McKimson and others. The featured lineup includes a delightful mix of everyone’s favorite characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety & Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn and many more. This collection includes the all-new documentary, “That’s All Folks! Tales from Termite Terrace,” plus a 12-page booklet with rare images compiled by animation historian Jerry Beck.

Disc one of Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3 offers a collection of 25 classic shorts devoted to everyone’s favorite carrot-crunching, “wascally wabbit,” Bugs Bunny, as he faces off against the likes of Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote. This disc features an Academy Award®-winning short titled Knighty Knight Bugs, in which a medieval Bugs Bunny trades blows with Yosemite Sam and his fire-breathing dragon.  Also featured on this disc are two Academy Award®-nominated shorts, Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt and Pigs in a Polka. Disc one includes featurettes, select commentaries and alternative audio tracks.

Disc two showcases an all-star collection of shorts from favorite Looney Tunes characters including Sylvester & Tweety, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzalez, Foghorn Leghorn among several other fan favorite characters. This disc features eight Academy Award®-nominated shorts, Swooner CroonerLife with FeathersSandy ClawsMouse and GardenWalky Talky HawkyRhapsody in RivetsHigh Note and Nelly’s Folly. In the Academy Award®-winning short, Birds Anonymous, Sylvester joins a “Birds Anonymous” group in an effort to stop chasing Tweety.  Disc two also includes featurettes, select commentaries and alternative audio tracks.

“It’s a treat to see these beloved Looney Tunes shorts after they’ve been restored, re-mastered and released on Blu-ray. It’s the way optimal cartoons were meant to be seen,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing and Partner Brands. She added, “Our goal is to showcase a wide-ranging selection of shorts comprised of popular favorites along with some more rare animated content. This collection offers something for everyone!”

The collection is available now (Amazon) at your favorite stores and the complete run down of shorts and special features are after the jump.

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3 Featured Shorts:

Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt Porky’s Pig’s Feat
A Corny Concerto Scrap Happy Daffy
Falling Hare Plane Daffy
Little Red Riding Rabbit The Stupid Cupid
Hair-Raising Hare Draftee Daffy
Acrobatty Bunny Nasty Quacks
The Big Snooze The Stupor Salesman
A Hare Grows in Manhattan Wholly Smoke
Easter Yeggs Swooner Crooner
Slick Hare Life with Feathers
Gorilla My Dreams Canary Row
High Diving Hare Tree for Two
Hillbilly Hare Sandy Claws
Bunny Hugged Dog Pounded
Operation: Rabbit Satan’s Waitin’
Bully for Bugs Birds Anonymous
Bugs and Thugs Mouse and Garden
Knighty Knight Bugs The Pied Piper of Guadalupe
Honey’s Money A Gruesome Twosome
The Hep Cat Guided Muscle
Pigs in a Polka Beep Prepared
A Ham in a Role Walky Talky Hawky
Dog Gone South Rhapsody in Rivets
A Bear for Punishment High Note
Steal Wool Nelly’s Folly
Featurettes Featurettes



Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3 – EC List:


Disc 1
A Corny Concerto – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier with Director Bob Clampett
Falling Hare – Commentary by Contemporary Animator John Kricfalusi and Animator Bill Melendez
Hair-Raising Hare – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier and Filmmaker Greg Ford
The Big Snooze – Commentary by Animator Bill Melendez
Slick Hare – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier with Background Artist Paul Julian
Gorilla My Dreams – Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
High Diving Hare – Commentary by Filmmaker Greg Ford
Hillbilly Hare – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier. Music-and-Effects Track
Bunny Hugged – Music-and-Effects Track
Operation: Rabbit – Commentary by Writer Paul Dini. Music-and-Effects Track
Bully for Bugs – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier
Honey’s Money – Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck and Actor June Foray
Pigs in a Polka – Commentary by Historian Daniel Goldmark
A Bear for Punishment – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier. Music-and-Effects Track
Bugs Bunny: Ain’t He a Stinker?An affectionate look back at the history of the world’s most famous wise-guy carrot chewer. This feature reviews the complete career of Bugs Bunny, his friends, his foes, his work during the war, his musical talents, and his most famous scenes. It also provides an overview of Bugs’ creators – the directors and voice (Mel Blanc) who brought him to life – with Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng offering comments in rare interview footage.
The Art of the GagThe science of comedy writing for Looney Tunes is explored in this tribute to the men who conceived the zany plots, wacky premises and silly storyboards. Michael Maltese, Tedd Pierce, Warren Foster and John Dunn are put in the spotlight via clips and comments from contemporary cartoon creators Paul Dini, Mark Kausler, Eddie Fitzgerald and Eric Goldberg, as well as veterans Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Art Leonardi, Corny Cole, Pete Alvarado, Robert Givens and David DePatie.
Draw to Life: The Art of Robert McKimsonAn appreciation of master director, animator and character designer Robert McKimson. This featurette contains examples of his greatest animation, his funniest cartoons and the world famous characters he created – which include Foghorn Leghorn, the Tasmanian Devil, Hippety Hopper and Speedy Gonzales. Historians Michael Barrier, Mark Kausler, Jerry Beck, Keith Scott, Paul Dini, Mark Evanier – along with McKimson’s son, Robert Jr. – examine the career and contributions that Robert – and his brothers Tom and Charles – made to Looney Tunes cartoons.
Wild Lines: The Art of Voice ActingThe craft of voice artistry and vocal characterization is explored in this featurette. Warner Bros. cartoon actors Mel Blanc, Stan Freberg, Arthur Q. Bryan, Daws Butler, June Foray, Bernice Hansell, Bea Benaderet and Robert C. Bruce are among those celebrated by fellow voice actors Hank Azaria, Billy West, Keith Scott, Nancy Cartwright, and Tom Kenny. Chuck Jones, Noel Blanc, Stan Freberg, and June Foray also explain the craft from their unique perspectives.
That’s All Folks! Tales from Termite TerraceMeet the creators of the Looney Tunes, animation’s zaniest and most beloved characters! Join Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng and Mel Blanc as they share rare and personal memories about Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and some of the wildest stories behind your favorite cartoons!
Irreverent Imagination: The Golden Age of Looney TunesNarrated by Stan Freberg, this documentary traces the history of Looney Tunes from its earliest days, to its famous Termite Terrace years, creating Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Sylvester.  Warner cartoon veteran artists Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Pete Alvarado, Bill Melendez, Corny Cole, Willie Ito, Noel Blanc, and Martha Sigall reminisce about how it all came to be. Present day filmmakers and historians Frank Darabont, Joe Dante, Eric Goldberg, Don Hahn, Joe Alaskey, Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck talk about the studio’s enduring influence.
Drawn for Glory: Animation’s Triumph at the Oscars®Narrated by Bonnie Hunt, this is the story of how the animated cartoon went from being a common theatrical short subject to a cherished part of the complete movie program. From Disney’s expansion of the art form in the early days to the triumph of Looney Tunes and the later success of independent films and foreign animation – how the cartoons grew to become worthy of Oscar® consideration. Filmmakers and historians, including Michael Sporn, Tom Sito, Eric Goldberg, Jerry Beck, Charles Solomon, Howard Beckerman, Bill Plympton, Jimmy Picker, Adam Snyder – along with archival interviews of Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng – tell the complete story.
“Hair-Raising Hare” Storyboard ReelUsing actual story sketches and production art synced to the soundtrack, this shows how the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon looked in the early storyboard stage. A rare glimpse into how the animators saw it before beginning production.
Disc 2
Porky Pig’s Feat – Commentary by Director Joe Dante
Scrap Happy Daffy – Commentary by Filmmaker Greg Ford
Plane Daffy – Commentary by Filmmaker Greg Ford
The Stupid Cupid – Commentary by Contemporary Animator Eddie Fitzgerald
Draftee Daffy – Commentary by Contemporary Animators Eddie Fitzgerald and John Kricfalusi
The Stupor Salesman – Music-Only Track
Wholly Smoke – Commentary by Historian Daniel Goldmark
Swooner Crooner – Commentary by Historian Daniel Goldmark
Canary Row – Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
Satan’s Waitin’ – Music-and-Effects Track
Birds Anonymous – Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck and Animator Art Leonardi. Music-Only Track
A Gruesome Twosome – Commentary by Contemporary Animator John Kricfalusi. Commentary by Animator Milton Gray
Guided Muscle – Music-Only Track
Walky Talky Hawky – Commentary by Historian Michael Barrier. Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
Nelly’s Folly – Music-Only Track
Daffy Duck: Ridicule Is the Burden of GeniusA duck-lovers feast! A compilation of Daffy’s greatest moments, with running commentary by animation historian Keith Scott, tracing the fowl’s full-length filmography, as well as background information on his crazy creators, his despicable foes and his long lasting influence in Hollywood! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Unsung Maestros: A Directors TributeYou’ve all heard of Chuck Jones and Tex Avery – but what about Jack King and Norman McCabe? This documentary examines the work of the Warner Bros. other Looney leaders – men such as Art Davis, Ben “Bugs” Hardway, Hugh Harman, Rudolph Ising and Ub Iwerks – who all left their distinctive mark on the Looney Tunes legacy. Leonard Maltin, Michael Barrier, Eric Goldberg, Jerry Beck, Mark Kausler and Paul Dini recall their films and discuss their cartoon highlights.
Tish Tash: The Animated World of Frank TashlinWho was Frank Tashlin? He’s best known for his live-action comedy features with Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Doris Day and Tony Randall. But way before that, Tashlin was a cartoonist and animator, working his way up to director at Warner Bros. on some of the best Porky Pig and Daffy Duck cartoons – innovating the fast-cutting fast-paced style the studio became known for. Eric Goldberg, John Kricfalusi, Eddie Fitzgerald, Bill Melendez, Mark Kausler, Joe Dante, Martha Sigall, Leonard Maltin, Charles Solomon and Frank’s own son, Chris Tashlin, discuss the career of this legendary filmmaker.
Strictly for the Birds: Tweety & Sylvester’s Award Winning TeamupA heartfelt tribute to the stand out Oscar®-winning Tweety and Sylvester short, Birds Anonymous.  Friz Freleng, Art Leonardi, David DePatie and Stan Freberg recall the making of the film. Sybil Freleng and Noel Blanc talk about what it meant to their fathers. Animators Eric Goldberg and Mark Kausler, and historians Leonard Maltin and Jerry Beck provide insight about its importance.
Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand VoicesThis is a feature length documentary about the life and times of voice man extraordinaire Mel Blanc – the man who originated the vocal characterizations for the majority of the Looney Tunescharacters. Noel Blanc and Mel Blanc himself (in archive interviews) recall how many of the famous voices were concocted. His work with Capitol Records, on The Jack Benny Programand later voicing Hanna-Barbera characters are all showcased. Admirers and historians Kirk Douglas, Terry Gilliam, Bob Kurtz, Will Friedwald, and Martha Sigall join voice actors June Foray, Stan Freberg, Janet Waldo, Billy West, Gary Owens, Tom Kenny, Hank Azaria, Bob Bergen, and Keith Scott in paying tribute to this legendary performer.
The Boys from Termite Terrace [1975 Camera Three Documentary]Hosted by Oscar®-winning animator John Canemaker, and originally produced for CBS Camera Three in 1975, this two-part documentary tells the story of “Termite Terrace” – the ram shackled bungalow on the Warner Bros. movie lot that was home base for the Looney Tunes crew.  This is the first of such animation documentaries but still one of the best – with then fresh interviews and insights from key players Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett and Mel Blanc. Compare the faded unrestored clips from the cartoons contained within – the standard in 1975 – with the same cartoons on Blu-ray™ today. Huge difference!

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