Guardians of the Galaxy Spotlight – Star-Lord Quad Blaster

GotG Logo TNMarvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ opened last weekend to huge box office numbers and over the past few days I’ve been looking at some of the new Hasbro product available. Moving away from the Legends figures, today I bring you the Star-Lord’s Quad Blaster, a Nerf version of Star-Lord’s signature weapon.

Thoughts: Let’s start by explaining how Star-Lord’s quad blaster works. There are a total of four barrels in the gun, 2 are readily visible, 2 are hidden. There are two ‘pumps’ that prime the barrels for firing, one for the top pair and one for the bottom. Once primed, the top trigger is used to fire your darts. The lower trigger is used to pop-up the covers hiding the second pair of barrels. Once exposed, you re-pump and are set to fire the next pair of darts. You then run around and pick your darts up and start again. The darts travel about 2o to 25 feet. Four darts were included with the blaster, which I think is the only negative – a 2nd set of darts would have been appreciated.

With the exception of it’s orange color, Star-Lord’s Quad Blaster looks reasonably accurate.  The orange shells feature silver accents and the handle and barrels of the blaster are grey. Since it is a toy, the orange color gets a free pass…the days of “realistic” colored toy guns are gone. However, if one were so inclined, it does look like the orange shells can be easily removed – making it very easy to paint into something more screen accurate. If you are going for screen accurate, remember that you need two of these. And a walkman, while you’re at it.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Star-Lord Quad blaster isn’t how it works or what it looks like but how well it fits in my hand. I mean, it’s a really good fit and it has some heft to it. I’m sure it fits kids hands just fine, but it seems like it was made for mine. Thanks Nerf/Hasbro!

Summary: This post ended up shorter than I expected, but it’s Nerf and I knew I was going to have fun with it. The Quad Blaster hits the sweet spot for movie tie-in role play toys – it looks pretty close to the movie toy and it’s fun to play with. This blaster will also be a great accessory for folks looking to get their Star-Lord on at Halloween, just pick up two and do a little bit of painting. Really, really had fun with this one!


The Star-Lord Quad Blaster was included in an awesome box of Guardians toys from the folks at Hasbro and HunterPR. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this stuff!

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