AwesomeToyBlog’s Top 10 SDCC 2014 Exclusives

SDCC 2014 logo bThe Sunday before Comic-con is wrapping up and I thought I’d list out my personal Top 10 of this years’ SDCC Exclusives. These are the things that I’m tempted to stand in line for.

1. Hasbro’s Marvel Infinite Series 3 3/4″ Infinity Gauntlet Set – Hands down, when revealed this was the set that had me geek out. A wearable foam Infinity Guantlet? The fact that there are figures included is icing at the cake…with two of those figures being Nebula and Death, that’s some pretty tasty icing. The Gauntlet’s so cool that this would probably be the top of the list if it included an Iron Man, Spidey and Wolverine figure. This is my 100% must have of the show.
2. Hasbro’s Transformers Knights of Unicron – This set perfectly reflects what I think a convention set should be – it’s a set of toys bundled around a fun, cool concept. It’s something that would never work at general retail, but would really appeal to the fans looking for something special from their favorite show. The Knights Of Unicron set is exactly that – from the 80’s rock decos and accessories to the crazy details in the packaging…this exclusive is music to my ears.
3. Loyal Subjects Autobots set – The includes of G2 Sideswipe sold me. Need I say more?
4. MattyCollector’s Arkham Knight Batmobile – There’s not a ton of larger scale vehicles out on the market now, so major props to Mattel for using SDCC as an avenue to get Batman’s main ride out to the market and into fan’s hands. If it wasn’t an SDCC Exclusive, this vehicle probably wouldn’t exist.
5. Hasbro’s ROM Mighty Mugg – I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t given ROM’s 35th anniversary much thought, but I’m glad Hasbro has. In one convention exclusive Hasbro resurrected both ROM and full sized Mighty Muggs. Happy Birthday ROM, I’ll be the one getting the birthday present…you!
6. Funko Hikari Sunrise Batman – Funko went nuts again this year with a record number of exclusives, but this Hikari vinyl Batman variant just caught my eye and rose to the top. The colors are just…perfect.
7. Super7’s Blind egged Alien ReAction figure – Last year Super7’s Alien ReAction figures didn’t even make it through preview night before they sold out. I’m expecting a similar outcome this year, which is why I’m fully prepared to not bring any of these home with me, but I so want to. Putting a repaint of an Alien ReAction in an Alien Egg instead of a blind box? Awesome, despite a $25 price tag.
8. Hasbro’s Star Wars 6″ Black Series Jabba the Hutt – The 6″ Black Series is amazing, and based on what I saw at Toy Fair, the upcoming Jabba the Hutt will continue that trend. Having an exclusive Salacious Crumb and fantastic packaging that transforms the box into Jabba’s dais propels this set to the top 10. Add in a few bonus points for the compatibility it has with last year’s Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite, its a nice way to tie the two sets together. Maybe next year we can get a Boussh with prisoner Chewbacca.
9. Playmate’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles B&W Raphael – This is, again, another great example of what a SDCC exclusive should be….something that wouldn’t necessarily fit into your collection and isn’t an essential character or version of a character. Also I have a major soft spot for black & white figures when it reflects their original media (much like the previous SDCC exclusive 1st Doctor / Dalek and 2nd Doctor / Dalek sets). And yes, NECA may have done it better, but this is awesome to see.
10.Hasbro’s Transformers G1 Deco Dinobots – It wasn’t a surprise that somewhere Hasbro would take the new Age of Extinction Dinobots and give them a G1 make-over, but it was a surprise when they took four of them and put them in the best box ever! Packaging is a big part of an SDCC exclusive…so a box that Transformers into the Arc? Perfect – and it’s so much nicer than the one that I made when I was 9.

Honorable Mention: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Underground Toys’ still unknown Doctor Who exclusive. I don’t know what it is yet (I’ve asked!) but I am pretty confident that I’m going to love it.

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