New 3 3/4″ Doctor Who Figures Headed To Walgreen’s And Exclusive Genesis Dalek

Doctor Who logoWalgreens is making some impressive moves for toy collectors this year, as today today Underground Toys announced that Walgreen’s would be the initial home for the latest wave of 3 3/4″ Doctor Who figures and they’ll be offering an exclusive figure. The next wave includes Doctors 12 (Peter Capaldi), 11 (Matt Smith) and an all new 10 (David Tennant). Non-Doctor figures include an all new Amy Pond a new Asylum Dalek and the Walgreen’s exclusive Genesis Dalek (which looks incredible). These will be available starting in August.

Between these, the Star Wars Black Series Prototype Boba Fett and the Spider-Man Legends figure – Walgreen’s is quickly becoming a must-stop during toy runs.

Entire Wave

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  1. The multiple Walgreens store in our city have never heard of these. If anyone knows where to find them, I’d love to have a set.

  2. Hi Niki – these are just starting to hit now. Thursday evening I found one lone Amy Pond in one Walgreen’s in Phoenix…many, many Walgreen’s later I still haven’t found any others. Just a matter of a week or two and they should be everywhere.

  3. I live in Janesville, Wisconsin, and strangely enough we stumbled across an Amy Pond figure last night at one of the Walgreen’s in the city. Needless to say, we hit two of the four total in the city but only found the one Amy figure.

    On top of that, they had a buy one, get one half-off special on them. Very bizarre.

  4. I found these in a walgreens in the suburbs of baton rouge, la! The tenth doctor (my six year olds personal favorite) and the asylum dalek. Snatched them up for Christmas. Hoping we get more bc i would like to get my other son the 11th doctor and the genesis dalek. Happy hunting everyone!

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