Action Figure XPress Announces First SDCC Exclusives – Flashpoint Batman and Reverse Flash Busts

SDCC 2014 logoAction Figure XPress have announced their first SDCC Exclusives (outside of the Diamond ones they are offering) a pair of busts of the ‘what-if’ character Flashpoint Batman and Reverse Flash. The official descriptions are:
In the far future, Professor Eobard Thawne traced the origin of super-speed to The Flash. Obsessed with the Scarlet Speedster, Thawne traveled back in time only to discover he was destined to become The Flash’s greatest enemy, as The Reverse-Flash. In a world where everything is different, Batman is Thomas Wayne, driven by the murder of this son Bruce to punish Gotham City’s criminals. Thomas is an older and more brutal Batman often resorting to lethal force in his one man war on crime.

Each bust stands approximately 5.25″ tall, and the pair are priced at $50. The set is available for attendee pre-orders now, with non-attendee becoming available later. AFX will be at booth 3345 at the show.

afx flashpoint batman reverse flash

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