Hasbro’s Marvel SDDCC Exclusives Make AwesomeToyBlog’s Day

SDCC 2014 logoEven a jaded ole blogger like me can still have my day made with a product announcement. USA Today got the big reveal of Hasbro’s Marvel SDCC exclusives, one for Marvel Universe Infinite Series and one for Marvel Legends.

The Marvel Legends set, priced at $99.99 is based on the recent “Thanos Imperative” storyline and includes the Inhumans’ Black Bolt and Medusa,Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy. These are packaged in a cool box designed to look like the Galactus Engine.

On the 3 3/4 side of things is an incredible Infinity Guantlet set. Priced at $74.99 this set includes Nebula, Starfox, Mistress Death (looks AMAZING) and the cosmic villain Thanos, who comes with his own Infinity Gauntlet. Oh, it also includes a full sized, wearable foam Infinity Guantlet. Yes, a full sized wearable foam Infinity Guantlet.  Should I just go get in line now?

Check these all out in the gallery below.

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