Toy Fair 2014 – Kotobukiya

tf14 tnKotobukiya’s booth for me was all about the Avengers. I think I’ve been looking forward to these for a year – and they did not disappoint. These are in the ArtFx+ scale and will be priced around $55 (each figure’s price varies a bit due to size) and look incredible. These are among my favorite products from the whole show. The line will be continuing past the Avengers…maybe we should start a pool to guess the next character.
Another personal favorite were the ArtFX+ Han Solo and Chewbacca statues. Looking like they were lifted right off a frame of the film, these two wil also make their way to my collection. Following Han and Chewie will be Luke and Leia – the original trilogy is filling out nicely.
And really, while those were my favorites, there was so much good stuff in the booth – from an impressive Arkham Batman to Street Fighter Bishoujo statues, you just have to check out the gallery below.

[nggallery id=254]

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  1. Equally excited for the new Koto Han Solo as well. Though I really wish they made the new one at least 1/8 scale similar to the first one. (Still hoping they’d do a re-release of that.)

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