Vintage box AT-AT found at TRU in Chandler, AZ

On today’s lunchtime toy run, I found the Toys R Us exclusive vintage boxed version of Hasbro’s big AT-AT.  The toy itself is the same new AT-AT, but the box is fully inspired by the vintage AT-AT packaging from the 80s (and it is gorgeous as well; the graphic artists at Hasbro knocked this one out of the park).   The toy was in the same location where the normal boxed AT-ATs were earlier this week and the shelf tag had not changed.  The price is not verified, as I did not scan it.  After the jump, check out an image of the toy on the shelf.


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  1. Wait, I’m confused. Are they selling 2 diff AT-ATs right now? The vintage mold and the new mold, or do they have 2 diff boxes (vintage-style and new) for the same, updated AT-AT?

  2. The toy in the box is the same, new AT-AT…just the exclusive box is in the vintage style. – Matt

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