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tf14 tnEarlier today MattyCollector had a collector’s event at Toy Fair showcasing some of the upcoming product from both MattyCollector and Mattel’s mainstream line. While there were many announcements made at the event, a few of the highlights included the announcment of a ‘Club Etheria’ mini-subscription featuring the subscription exclusive Light Hope figure as well as Madame Razz / Broom, Double Mischief, Entrapta and three other figures. This subscription will go live tomorrow and be open for thee weeks. Other MOTU reveals included new 2-pack with Cowl and Lookee as well as the debut of Rio Blast.

DC fans also got a bit of a surprise when a 6 figure collection of ‘Super Powers’ figures were debuted. Priced at ~$30 each, these 6 figures each includes a build-a-figure piece and are carded on a Super Powers inspired cardback. These figures looked really, really good.

Lots of other great product was on display, which you can see in the gallery below – and for a full rundown (or to pick up that Club Etheria sub) head to

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