Toy Fair 2014 – Other Hasbro

tf14 tnJust a few other odds and ends remain from today’s Hasbro brand preview – first up is the Toys R Us G. I. Joe 50th Anniversary collection – these toys weren’t in the showroom with the full reveal planned for JoeCon. See below for the notes.

  • Sneak Peek of 50th Anniversary Collection at TRU. (not on display)
  • Versus 2 packs. Low Light vs. Night Viper, Snow Job vs. Arctic BAT
  • Vehicle Packs : Ghost Hawk Vehicle + Arctic Snake Yes
  • Vamp MKII Flint vs. Eel Urban Niht Landing Raft

On the My Little Pony front – a second Equestria Girls is in production and the overall theme is”Rainbow Rocks”.

And there’s a new PlayDoh with Glitter!

See the gallery below for a few pics of Rescue Bots and Transfomers Hero Mashers.

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