Toy Fair 2014 – Hasbro’s Star Wars

tf14 tnToy Fair unofficially kicked off today with the Hasbro Brand Preview Event. Naturally, Star Wars made a big splash – between the introduction of Star Wars: Rebels product, the continuation of the Black Series and the introduction of a new line – Star Wars Command, there was a bunch of exciting reveals today – and the promise of much more to come at SDCC.

CW Season 6 – on Netflix . two new clones from season 6 will be in Black Series 3 3/4″
Star Wars Rebels:
Sage Legends: Chopper, Inquisitor, Ezra, Kanan, Agent Kallus, Stromtrooper

Mission Series: Stormtrooper vs Zeb (based on McQuarrie Chewacca), R2-D2 + C3P0
Vehicles: Inquisitors Tie Advanced Prototype, AT-DP, Phantom, 29.5″ X-Wing (canopy does not
open; no pilot fits inside)
12″ Figures continuing
Roleplay – Rebels Blaster, Inquisitor Lightsaber (3 play modes)

Star Wars Command.

New play pattern – think Star Wars + Army Men.
Remote control Star Destroyer, moves…opens up and shoots a projectile.

Black Series
Packaging is getting a refresh.
6″ Speeder Bike w/ Biker Scout
Jabba the Hutt!
More larger figures /vehicles  to come at Comic-con
Wave 2 – Chewbacca, Clone Trooper, Ep VI Darth Vader, ROTJ Luke
Wave 3 – Sandtrooper (different pauldron)
3.75″ R5-G19, Hoth Luke…
Salacious Crumb teaser? Wouldn’t that make a great item to include with a SDCC Exclusive Jabba?

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