Living Dead Doll Sweet 16 Mystery Box

Mezco Mystery BoxAs part of the celebration for the 16th Anniversary of Living Dead Dolls – Mezco is offering everyone a Sweet 16 gift – the Living Dead Dolls Sweet 16 Mystery Box. What’s in the box? Each box contains a full size Living Dead Doll and dolls from the entire 16 year run are up for grabs including Resurrection dolls and Resurrection Variants, Edward Scissorhands, Krampus, and other rarities.
To order your Living Dead Dolls Sweet 16 Mystery Box visit: They’re just $20 + shipping.

The Sweet 16 celebration won’t stop there as other events planned for the year include:

  •  A Living Dead Doll Death Mask Art Show
  • 2 new Living Dead Doll books
  • A very special attempt to show you can take your collection with you
  • The best Sweet 16 party ever
  • Celebration merchandise
  • Many more thrills and surprises!

 “It has never been a better time to be a Living Dead Doll fan” says Mezco’s Mike Drake, “this is the year we pull out all the stops and make a lot of dreams…and nightmares, come true!’

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