Charity auction at Power-con raises money for children affected by AIDS

One of the events at the inaugural Power-con/Thundercon (for the He-Man and Thundercats fandoms, respectively) was a charity auction to benefit the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.  With select collectible pieces being made available to bidders both on-line and at the show, over $3,500 was raised.  Its great to see the fandom help out worthy causes! Kudos to all the supporters and those who made the auction possible!  To read the full press release on the auction, keep reading below!

He-Man and Thundercats fans combine forces to raise money for Children Affected by AIDS

Last weekend’s groundbreaking Power-Con / ThunderCon convention brought fans of He-Man and the Thundercats from around the world to celebrate the beloved properties. The inaugural event also raised over $3,500 at the first ever “Power and Thunder” auction with proceeds going to the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

Original Artwork, Custom Toys, and other limited pieces were available to convention attendees, with online bidding services for those unable to attend provided by internet auction company Nearly 50 lots of art and merchandise were donated by professional and fan artists, vendors, and supporters. At the end of the night, a grand total of $3515.00 was raised to benefit Power-Con and the CAAF.

Among the highlights were Original artwork by legendary illustrator Ed McGuinness fetching $400, Two figural busts hand-painted by Nathan Baertsch which brought in $500, and a $155 custom “Slime Pit He-Man” Masters of the Universe Classics piece by toymaker Master English.

The top earner of the night was Tim Seeley’s original artwork for the convention’s program which brought in $425 for the benefit auction. Other notable pieces included Limited Edition Resin pieces by SpyMonkey Creations,  Paintings by Riccardo Nicholls, Jeremy Peerboom, Jon Wesley Huff , EJ Su,  J.Pares, Gonzo Merman, Jonathan Whittemore, and Tone Rodriguez, as well as original artwork by Kris Justice, Celesta Johnston, Leanne Hannah, Chris Faccone, Major Skerrett, Rich Molinelli, and Kevin Sharpe. There were even rare vintage She-Ra toys available for bidding furnished by Josh Van Pelt of the Power and Honor foundation

The Children Affected by AIDS Foundation was founded by a former Mattel employee and provides support services and outreach to children who have been impacted by AIDS and HIV.

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