What I Bought Today! DC Comics Multiverse Batman

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Item: Arkham City Batsuit Batman
Line: DC Comics Multiverse
Manufacturer: Mattel
Store: Target

Bio/Package Text:  Real Name: Bruce Wayne   High-Tech Gear: Cowl with “Detective Vision”, Grapnel, Sonic Batarangs, Remote Electic Charge Gun, Cryptographic Sequencer

Thoughts: Ok, so this won’t be a daily feature, but over lunch I stopped at Target and saw they had the new 4″ DC figures and figured I’d give them a go.

To put my thoughts in the right perspective, my reference point for smaller DC universe figures are the 5 point of articulation figs – like the Green Lantern movie figures or the weird Batmen that show up in the Target holiday section…compared to those this Batman is really, really good and completely satisfying. Bats has fourteen points of articulation – knees, thigh swivels, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, head. He’s a solid figure despite the poseability – no concerns here that you’ll be posing him and have a leg pop off.

Batman’s sculpting is good, but not perfect. The proportions seem off on him, with his head seeming too small and his legs under muscular. The legs are easily forgiven, since so many people skip legs day at the gym – but his undersized head just looks weird.  The paint details are limited, but they’re perfect – so no qualms there.

Other than an undersized head – this Batman figure’s great. While I’m not a huge fan of the DC Universe, if other figures in the DC Multiverse line are this good, I’ll certainly be buying more!




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