SDCC 2013 – Hasbro’s Marvel Panel

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The time for one of my favorite panels of the year. Hasbro’s Marvel brand panel.

  • Wolverine Legends: Cyclops, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Emma Frost – online only. Has Puck build-a-fig
  • Wolvering All-Star: Logan, Sword Slash Silver Samurai, Warrior Claw Wolverine, Ninja
  • Iron Man 3: Assemblers – Igor Armor, Artillery Armor Iron Man, Neutrino Armor, Red Snapper, Mark 42, Dunebuster Iron Man
  • Hall of Armor Collectors Pack, Supersize Armor: Sonic Blasting Night Ops (GITD parts), wave 2 of Micro Muggs
  • Thor: The Dark World: Thor, Dark Elf, Loki, Thor – shelf date October 1st  5th figure reveal tomorrow.
  • Thor: The Dark World: Helmet, Thor Foam Hammer, Electric Hammer
  • Marvel U: Wave  4 – Baron Zemo, Cloak / Dagger, Abomination / A-Bomb, Black & White Iron Man
  • Wave 5: Omega Red, Northstar / Aurora, Black Knight, Night Crawler
  • Team Packs: X-Men:  Emma Frost, Colossus, Cyclops, Asgardians: Valkyrie, Thor, Executioner
  • Marvel Universe is moving over to Avengers. >sniff< It’ll be a rebranding.
  • 2014 Sneak Peek:  Grim Reaper, Hyperion
  • Marvel Legends: Scarlet Spider-man, Black Panther, Wrecker / Bulldozer, Movie Hawkeye / Classic Hawkeye, Jean Grey / Phoenix – build a Rocket Racoon
  • Final WavE: Thor, Venom, Tigershark / Radioactive Man, Moonstone / Songbird, Blizzard / Batroc – build a Jubilee.
  • Build a figure will be larger next year – going on the 8-9″ size.
  • Marvel Legends moving to movie branding. Characters won’t all be movie characters, but will be aligned.
  • 2014 Legends Sneak Peek: Captain America, Baron Zemo, Red Skull (movie), A.I.M. Soldier (movie).
  • Spider-Man wave: Black Cat, build-a-Ultimate Green Goblin
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord

Tonight’s Marvel panel will reveal more and there will be a bunch of new stuff in the case tomorrow AM.

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