SDCC 2013 – Mattypalooza Panel

SDCC 2013 logoDC Universe, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe are on deck at the Mattypalooza panel.

Club Infinite Earths

2013 – Huntress due out in September, October is Ocean Master, Ra’s al Ghul in November. December is Batzarro.

2014 – DCU will continue if the minimum subs are met. Two tiers. 2014 program includes 12 monthly figures, and an exclusive.

January – 90’s Aquaman, February – Ice, March – Conner Kent (Superboy),

Sub only figure – Doomsday in Prison outfit. Tier2 is unleashed Doomsday.

Batman 66

Batman utility belt. 4 working pouches, 4 working tubes, includes Batarang, $125 day of.

Watchman: Sept Comedian, November Ozymandias

Ghostbusters: August – Ecto Goggles $110. Includes 4 slimer animatin shots. Interaction with PKE meter.

October: The Proton Wand – $130.  If you have two, you can get a crossing the streams effect.

Available by pre-order. An in-scale Ecto 1. Lights, sounds, trunk…detailed. $215 by pre-order. As an add-on you can order a 6″ Peter and Ray with removeable packs. Need Ecto 1 preorder to happen for these to be released.

Masters of the Universe

There’s a He-Man facebook page. If they get 500 new visitors today, there will be an exclusive reveal on the page.

He-Man App – coming to Android, with an exclusive mini-game. 3 card monte with Orko

2013: October – Mantenna, Batros (Club Filmation), Sky High with Jet Sled (no Sub), Lord Dactus, Nephthu (Club Filmation), last weapons pack of the line – includes Cowl, Horde Trooper (Includes 2 troopers, battle damaged and clean)!

November- Geldor, MOTU Sticker sheet, Sea Hawk (Club Filmation), Castle Grayskull ($300), stackable stands

December – Plundor, Strong-or (Strong-arm) (Club Filmation)

2014 – 12 monthly figures, $25 each, $27 day of. 4 quaterly items, 1 holiday item, 1 club exclusive figure, 1 club map. Can choose monthly shipping or quaterly bundles.

January – Two Bad, February, Glimmer, Hydron, Q1 oversided item – Modulok, Traveling Convention – Goatman, March sub only figure – Unnamed One (won’t be revealed until he arrives in mailboxes). Club Map is Horde Empire Map, exclusive club minicomic.

STAN LEE walked in the room! New partnership with POW Enertainment.

STANDAR – a Stan Lee Motu figure available at Comikazi 2013! Stan Lee read STANDAR’s bio.


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