SDCC 2013 – Transformers 30th Anniversary Panel

SDCC 2013 logoFollowing the Beast Hunters panel, the Transformers 30th Anniversary panel immediately followed. See below for highlights of what was covered at the panel.

  • Custom Kreons – have vac metallization – lets you customize your Kreon
  • Beast Hunters –
  • Legion Class: Rot Gut, Dive Bomb, Ace Vehicon, Bluestreak
  • Commander Class – Unicron Megatron, Ultra Magnu, Bludgeon
  • Deluxe Class – Night Shadow Bumblebee, Prowl,
  • Noted that Transformers have gotten too complicated – looked at G1 5-step Transformations.  Generations won’t be going to 5-steps, but targeting to keep things fun
  • Deluxe 1 – Bumblebee, Windrazor, Smokescreen, Twinstrike
  • Voyager Class – Optimus Prime, Predaking
  • Weaponizer Class – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (Talking)
  • Construct Bots
  • Has a mobile app. Lets you build, battle your own bots.
  • Best Bot Showdown: Launches mid-August. Each week there will be contests for “best bot”. The ultimate winner of the best bots contests will be made into an actual toy.
  • Scout Class: Ironhide, Starscream, Bublebee, Thundercracker, Cluffjumper, Deadend, Silverbolt, Breakdown
  • Scout Class Beast Hunters: Bumblee, Starscream, Ripclaw
  • Elite Class: Soundwave, Wheeljack, Megatron, Hound, Optimus Prime, Smokscreem, Dragstrip, Shockwave
  • Elite Class (2014): Skystalker, Shockwave, Optimus Prime
  • Triple Changer Class: Blitzwing, Bumblebee
  • Ultimate Set: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron
  • Triple Team Class (2014) Unicron Megatron with Ratbat and Barrage, Bulkhead w. Air Razor and Eagle
  • Beast Hunters Predacons Rising
  • Smokescreen vs. Cindersaur
  • Bumblee vs. Blight
  • Optimus Prime vs. Predaking
  • Shockwave v. Bombshock
  • Abominus Legion Combiner
  • Deluxe Skylynx, Nova Blast Bumblebee,
  • Voyager Cryofire Predaking, Dark Steel
  • Beast Fire Predaking exclusive to Target, also a Construct-Bot
  • Transformers Generations
  • 2014 is 30th Anniversary. Starting a celebration this year with Metroplex
  • Legends Class: Swerve w/ Flanker, Cosmos w/ Payload, Tailgate w/ Groundpounder, Sharpshot w/ Reflector
  • Deluxe Class – Goldfire, Dreadwing, Skids, Waspinator, Skywarp, Scoop, Starscream
  • Voyager Class – Doubledealer, Rhinox, Whirl,
  • Metroplex – #1 of the thrilling 30.  Shockwave’s Lab – #2 Ultra Magnus #3. Grimlock vs. Bruticus #4. Metroplex Variant – #5. Shockwave’s Lab Variant – #6. Asia Beast Hunters Prime – #7. Masterpiece Acid Storm – #8. Masterpiece Soundwave – #9. Predaking resissue – #10. Construc Bots Predakind #11.
  • Pop Up Book – Due out October 23, 2013.  Some impressive pop-ups.
  • IDW 30th Anniversary Book – collects 30 of the most influential comics across all segments
  • Covenant of Primus – The book Transformers…and makes sounds.
  • Fan Built Bot: Winner was a female jet with a energon blade sword. Red and black were the color scheme. Named: Windblade. She’s an Autobot.This will be #30 in the Thrilling #30


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