JAKKS Pacific Debuting 31″ Vader and Offering Winx Club Exclusives at SDCC

SDCC 2013 logo JAKKS Pacific sent out a quick update with details on some of the products that are going to be available at SDCC.

  • 31” Giant Darth Vader – $50.00: Standing 31” tall, the 31” Darth Vader Figure is the largest articulated figure available.  The figure features seven points of movement as well, a highly detailed design and real cape! Available at Booth 2913-K (Next to Lucas Pavilion).
  • Winx Club – Limited Edition Deluxe Blue Bloom – $27: Nickelodeon is offering a Limited Edition Deluxe Blue Bloom Doll!  With the Power of Harmonix, Bloom is able to battle in air, on land and beneath the sea.  It’s this power Bloom will need in her quest to open the gate of the Infinite Ocean and achieve Sirenix. Available at Nickelodeon Booth # 4113.
  •  Winx Club – Limited Edition Deluxe Daphne – $29.99: Meet Daphne, Bloom’s sister, the eldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion. Daphne shines golden, bound in Lake Roccaluce since being transformed into a spirit by a dark spell against her. This 11½” doll is limited edition! Available at Earth Entertainment Booth #2343

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