Angry Birds Star Wars II Launching Sept. 19th


Rovio has confirmed that a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars is launching Sept. 19th. The sequel will take the birds (and the pigs) into the prequels and will feature an expanded cast of characters. Not content to just release a new batch of ‘worlds’ for players to explore, there will be some exciting twists for gameplay in this sequels. Borrowing a page from Rovio’s ‘Bad Piggies’ players will be able to play on the “Pork side” taking the role of the evil Empire.

The other new twist on gameplay is that, with your Hasbro Angry Birds Star Wars figures, you’ll be able to set your own line-up of birds to solve the puzzle. Using your tablet or phone’s camera, you’ll be able to teleport your figures into the game. 30 different “telepods” will be available at the time of launch.

To see some of the game in action, check out the below preview video.

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