Super 7 SDCC Exclusive Foster “Glitter Grape” and Crystal-Mecha “First Strike”

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Super 7 have revealed two new SDCC exclusives, which join the Alien ReAction figures at the show. They are:


From the haunted bakery to your shelf – the Kandy Kaiju are monstrously cute confections. But be careful….you won’t be able to eat collect just one of these 3” sized Japanese vinyl figures! These new Kandy Kaiju characters now come in illustrated header card packaging. Everyone’s favorite cannibal cookie is back in a delicious new flavor: translucent purple vinyl with glitter throughout along with light blue sprays for the facial features and filling. FOSTER is designed by Brian Flynn.


The mechanical monster makes his long awaited Debut! Created to lead Immortal Space Emperor Phantos’ quest for galactic domination, the mighty automaton from the astron belt has made its first strike against planet Earth! CRYSTAL-MECHA features a towering television torso, heavily armor plated tail, numerous rivets and spikes, and is powered by an arcane Gem – rumored to be sourced from the center of a dying star…and which now forms the head.

CRYSTAL-MECHA is designer Brian Flynn’s first entry into the DESTROY ALL KAIJU! line of standard-sized (approximately 9” tall) vintage-inspired vinyl figures. Generously articulated at the neck, shoulders, legs, and wrists, and cast in glossy black Japanese vinyl with a translucent orange crystal head.

cc13 Crystal Mecha cc13 Foster


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