Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who Week Day 6 – Morbius

Doctor Who logo2013 is a huge year for Doctor Who, the acclaimed series celebrates it’s 50th anniversary! We here at AwesomeToyBlog HQ couldn’t be more excited and to celebrate we are taking this week to shine a light on some of the new products available from Bif Bang Pow!

Today’s item is the the retro-action figure of Morbius, from the classic 4th Doctor story “Brain of Morbius”. This Doctor Who meets Frankenstein story culminates when Doctor Solon’s reanimation of the renegade Time Lord Morbius (who through most of the story was a brain in a jar) comes alive and fights the Doctor to the death! Morbius’s action figure is a fun take on this monster – which was built up from the bodies of crashed space ship pilots. He is wearing a vinyl jump suit with patches of white fur with his left arm replaced by a giant claw. The costume is a good take on the on-screen monster, including the details such as Morbius’ stitches across his chest. The ‘drop crotched’ jumpsuit helps make the figure’s proportions more alien. The stand-out part of the figure is easily the “head”. Morbius’s clear dome, eye stalks, brain and wires are top notch and fantastically executed.  The third and fourth waves of Bif Bang Pow!’s retro-Who figures are overall very solid, and Morbius is on of the stars of these sets. If you’re a Whovian who isn’t picking these up – you’re missing out!



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