The Easter Bunny Likes Toys in the Basket Too

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With Easter right around the corner, the Easter Bunny is gearing up to fill baskets with lots of delicious treats. And while nothing will replace that Easter morning sugar rush, there’s some fantastic basket stuffers in the toy aisle – and the great part is that there’s tons available at a price point under $10. Below are just a few suggestions that you should be able to find at your favorite local store.

Hasbro’s revamped their Iron Man and Spider-Man lines, dropping the articulation down to a classic 5 point. While older fans aren’t thrilled – this is perfect for kids. And the best part yet – they’re priced at just $6-$7.

Star Wars fans have some great options with the blind bagged Star Wars Fighter Pods and Star Wars Angry Birds toys. At just $4, these will add the force to your basket.

If you’re having an egg hunt – Trash Packs ‘Trashies’ are a great idea. At $7 for 5 figures, these are the perfect size for putting in a plastic egg – and kids will be thrilled to open that egg up and see what they’ve found.

Lego’s blind-bagged mini-figures are another great option to top off the Easter Basket – at under $3 you could grab a few. Just be sure to feel the bags so you don’t get several of the same. And for fans of the Lego Friends line, there’s a few sets under $10, also great for Easter. And putting a Lego set together is a great way to spend part of an Easter morning!

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