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TF2013 LogoIf the Moose Toys name isn’t ringing a bell, I have just one word for you – Trashies! That’s right, Moose Toys is the company behind the blind bagged minifig ‘Trashies’, and I had an opportunity to check out their Toy Fair showroom earlier this week.

On the ‘Trash Pack’ front 2013 will see the release of series 4, which will feature a redesign of the signature trash can as they move from round cans to rectangular and will also introduce beach themed ‘Trashies’ and even smaller Trashies characters.  Also new for 2013 are new Ultimate Fighting Trashies – which take the fun of spinning fighting games and the fun of Trashies and combine them into one. In 2013 Ultimate Fighting Trashies will be available in single packs, 12-packs and in the Ultimate Fighting Trashies Battle Pack.

Outside of Trashies, Moose Toys are also behind Micro Chargers, minature motorized race cars. While I didn’t get pictures of the big Micro Chargers innovation for 2013, I’ll share info as soon as I can – it was really cool. I wasn’t familiar with these tiny cars before Toy Fair, and I was really impressed.

The final Moose Toys product I focused on during my time with Moose Toys were The Ugglys. These gross little pugs make every sound imaginable – from barks, to burps and farts. To add to the fun, the noises can be tuned so they sound just right!

Check these fun products out in the gallery below!

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