Toy Fair 2013 – Hasbro Transformers

TF2013 LogoOne cannot discuss big news coming from this years Toy Fair and not discuss Transformers. And when I say big news, I mean physical size. Hasbro’s revealed the largest Transformer ever – a new version of everyone’s favorite Autobot city/battle station/robot. Standing over 2 feet tall and featuring a crazy amount of detail – this Transformer was awe inspiring. If the rest of the Transformers showroom was empty except for this figure, it would have still been a banner year for Transformers.

But the rest of the show room wasn’t empty. The ‘Transformers: Prime’ line is continuing, but changing into ‘Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters’ with new characters and beastly forms. Botshots will continue to bring a lot of fun in a small package. Generations will get a bit more of a spotlight this year as the line celebrates the 1984 releases. The Masterpiece line will continue with Acid Storm and Soundwave with his 5 cassettes will both be released this year.

Whew.  Should be quite a year. Check out pics in the gallery below.

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